Slider with 2 items

Hello everyone,

An update not long ago bring the ability to tap a slider to trigger a on/off command like for a light, it turn it off. Very nice, made me remove a lot of items that were only for on/off switch of dimmer.

I was wondering, if there’s a way to configure the slider to use the on/off command on a different item? Reason is I have a mqtt topic for the dimmer value that is set with the slider and another topic for the on/off command. Because of that, I’m stuck right now with a slider and a switch.

Thank you!

It sounds like you need to address the configuration of your MQTT channel instead. A dimmer item linked to a properly configured dimmer channel will also accept OnOff type commands.

Well the dimmer channel isn’t the same that receive on off

just checked and it’s actually a wled binding. I was using a mqtt topic to trigger the open/close.

I tried adding a switch item for on/off and it work, but still not on the slider itself

edit: ok lots of things going on here and I’m mistaken a lot of stuff.

In the end, i’m using both a switch and a slider for the same wled item, the brightness. Don’t know why, when using the slider, it doesn’t work when I click to open/close

Edit2: OK, I don’t know why but if I use “Default” in my sitemap instead of “Slider”, it work!