Slider with dimmer


has anybody successfully combined a slider with a dimmer item?
I can reproducible prevent my sitemap from loading when I combine a slider in the sitemap with a dimmer-item.
Has anybody the same problems?

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Items file

Dimmer  Light_FF_Office_Desk_B  "Dimmer  [%.1f]"  <hue>  (gLights)  {hue="3;brightness"}


Slider  item=Light_FF_Office_Desk_B

I am not sure if it is still the case, but the recent fix (in 1.8) of the Slider in the browser view was very fussy about the label format used. Meaning that if I added a label in the sitemap, it wouldn’t work, you had to use the “Dimmer [%.1f]” format in the item definition.

Good luck

Any additional information on that? I’ve had issues with sliders for a while in the browser, only holding the button was working, and now after upgrading to 1.8 I can’t get the page to load in the browser at all. I have my 5 dimmers setup exactly as you indicate:

Dimmer  Light_FF_Living         "Living Room [%.1f]"       (Lights,FF_Lights,downstairs,FF_Living,livingroom,gDashboard)  { zwave="3:command=SWITCH_MULTILEVEL,refresh_interval=60" }
Dimmer  Light_FF_Kitchen        "Kitchen [%.1f]"           (Lights,FF_Lights,downstairs,FF_Kitchen,kitchen,gDashboard)    { zwave="5:command=SWITCH_MULTILEVEL,refresh_interval=60" }
Dimmer  Light_SF_Master         "Master Bedroom [%.1f]"    (Lights,SF_Lights,SF_Master,upstairs,master,gDashboard)        { zwave="4:command=SWITCH_MULTILEVEL,refresh_interval=60" }
Dimmer  Bulb_SF_Office_Top      "Office Top [%.1f]"        (Lights,SF_Lights,SF_Office,upstairs,office,gDashboard)        { zwave="13:command=SWITCH_MULTILEVEL,refresh_interval=60" }
Dimmer  Bulb_SF_Office_Bottom   "Office Bottom [%.1f]"     (Lights,SF_Lights,SF_Office,upstairs,office,gDashboard)        { zwave="14:command=SWITCH_MULTILEVEL,refresh_interval=60" }

Slider item=Light_FF_Living
Slider item=Light_FF_Kitchen
Slider item=Light_SF_Master
Slider item=Bulb_SF_Office_Top
Slider item=Bulb_SF_Office_Bottom

It is likely that the same problem was discussed here:

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Strange, I have had multiple sliders on the same sitemap since the new slider was introduced in the 1.8 cloudbee

They were screwing up and preventing the rest of the map to load. Eventually I discovered there was an issue with the labels which seemed to fix it.

I put it down to my inability to understand the world’s strictest variable handling that Java enforces :slightly_smiling:

As I don’t really know my [%.1f] from my [%s %%]

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This from Sebastian brought all my sliders back to functioning like pre 1.7

For those who are affected by this: Try to add the value to the label in the sitemap or item. E.g. change MySlider to MySlider [%s %%] in a sitemap or add it to the item definition.

Any update on this subject?

I’m running OH2 snapshot from a few weeks ago and I can’t get the slider stuff working.
So, what combination of item, sitemap and label is working?


Same kind of issue. I am using a Linear PD300Z-2 dimmer for testing purposes. Couple of weeks ago it was working OK (I think) with a simple dimmer Item in the items file and a slider statement in the sitemap. Slider was running ok increasing and decreasing voltage of the connected lamp. Now this thing does not work anymore. I do not know what has been changed in my system but now the slider widget does not show up anymore i just see the arrows widget in the sitemap. Even if I click on them…no effect. Yesterday I did reload Openhab(1) runtime and the zwave binding and still the same problem. If anyone has an idea of what is going on, I would appreciate. I am running OH1 on a macbook pro with latest OSX, the zwave stick is Homeseer.