SMA Energy Meter Binding Error/Offline

I have a SMA Tripower solar converter and an SMA Home Manager connected by ethernet cable and I had it running already and received data for days, but now it sais Offline, CONFIGURATION_ERROR, Received timed out.

May be the error is releated to a FI incidence, where the house power was switched off. This Error has already occurred before. The first time I could fix it by disabling the SMA thing, but this time I can not get it back working:

  • SMA Converter and Energy Meter works normaly in the SMA APP and the sunny cloud
  • Tried to reboot the Raspberry
  • Tried to disable and enable the thing
  • Tried to delete and create the thing
  • Tried to uninstall and install the binding

with no success.

Any idea.
Kind regards

Nobody using SMA solar converters?