SMA Energy meter binding

I can’t get the SMA Energy meter binding to find my meter. I can browse to it and the Home manager and Sunny island are getting readings. Is there a way to configure the actual meter IP address.
I fail to see how the multicast address is much use as manual config.

Found the problem.
Basically multicast was turned off.
The Target address: on the energy meters network settings page was set to the home managers address.

Can I ask, how is you´re energy meter connected (ethernet). To your router or to your inverter?
My energy meter is connected directly to my Sunnyboy inverter. So I can´t reach it on the LAN :frowning:
I have tried connecting it to the router. And though it does work, I had a hell getting the Sunny Portal to receive new data. So I connected it directly to the inverter again.

I cable everything I can. It is faster, more secure and stable.
All are connected to the same 24 port switch

Sunny Island (speedwire card added in)
Sunny Home manager
SMA Energy Meter

I also have enphase micros with the envoy to the same switch

I take it that your Sunnyboy is only talking to the manager via bluetooth.

No, My inverter is a Sunnyboy 2.5, which can handle LAN, WiFi and Bluetooth.
The inverter is talking to my WiFi accesspoint. It´s LAN port is occupied by the Energy Meter. And they´re “speaking” speedwire together. This is an unfortunate option, because it result in, I´m not able to reach the Energy meter from LAN.

As Mentioned. I tried connecting the Energy meter directly to my switch. And it did work fine. Except, then my Inverter couldn´t find the energy meter any longer, and therefore no data update on the Sunny Portal. All though the Inverter did find the energy meter.

I have search through all the internet about informations on how to change this, but nothing. And SMA is not really answering on anything :angry: So atm I have given up.

One thing about the SMA Energy binding.
It´s sad It can´t monitor each phases. I have a small program from some a guy on youtube, and his program can monitor each phases as well, both in/out. This should have been in the binding as well, I would say.

Did you manage to try with everything on ethernet?

I did see some details about that including the modbus data tags but didn’t take note of them as I’m on single phase and SMA won’t let the same meter be split for solar production and import/Export so had to use the SO inputs on the home manager to another energy meter for solar.

I’m an electrician so data and switchboard work is fine for me but you need a separate ticket for solar grid connects here

I did… As soon as I remove the Energy meter from the inverter´s Ethernet port, Sunny Portal no longer receives data from my inverter and energy meter.

Btw… this is the program I mentioned:

Hi Jason, where did you turn the multicast on?
I still get no data from my SMA. If you will be so kind to tell me I thank you.
Greetz Eric

The multicast address is labled “Target address:” so you must put a multicast address in or it turns it off.
Multicast addresses are in the range through
I think SMA had as default.

Is there anything else that may keep me from getting data.Still get the announcement ‘UNINITIALIZED’
Anyone an idea what I do wrong?

Same problem here.
SMA inverter connected to Sunny Portal, but connection to Openhab fails.
Did you already solve this?

I have now changed over to Hassio but still have the same problem.
If you are on the old sunny webbox there is data available on the lan but if you have a Home manager it sends data to Sunny portal servers only.
So when I move to out to my farm in couple of years I will not purchase any SMA products when I upgrade its Solar system.
It only has an old 3 kw system at the moment and no batteries.

The same problem, Also no communication between sunnyboy 5.0 and openhab / nodered by the openhab binding. I have a telenet router /modem. Maybe is there the problem ? I have connection by the internet.

Never mind just found it by nodered webconnect.
The pasword only can be min 12 characters. Ik thought that it was 14 characters.

It took me a long time to figure this out, but for anyone else still struggling …

I have a Sunny Home Manager 2.0 - from my prior reading, I had thought that the SMA Energy Meter binding simply wouldn’t work with it.

I fixed my comm error with the following steps:

  1. Log into Sunny Portal
  2. Device Overview
  3. Home Manager Properties
  4. Edit button
  5. Choose ‘Complex Configuration’ at top
  6. Under Meter Configuration, specify your openhab server’s IP address - it’ll then use uni-cast to that address from that point forward. I made no change to the config in the binding itself.

Works a treat - the only downside is I’ve realised the binding provides grid export & import, but doesn’t expose the total generation.