SMA EnergyMeter 4x

How to set up more than 1 SMA Energy Meter?
Where to find the serial number?
If I use 4 SMA Energy Meter the 4 displays on the control change their values among each other.
Yes, the serial number is typed in correct in every thing.
Every SMA is working and deliver data.
But the Displays show every time the value from an other SMA.

installed openHAB new.
thats not the reason.
Only one Thing created.
Very funny.
It’s also change the values.
there are for real 4 SMA energy meter existing.

The logical name is also not read out.
If I change the multicast address it works,
but all the other apps then don’t work.

Nobody any idea?
There are 4 SMA Energy Meter.
How to bind the 4 SMA to one Prozess for reading out the data and send to 4 things?
The Prozess get always 1 stream of 4.
every Thing has it’s own process.
But only one is enougt.
The process schould read every second or continuously the multicast adress.
Read out the Serial number and send the data to the specific thing.
Any ideas how to do?

You might have to give a bit more detail on your setup. OH2, but what binding are you using and how configured?

There was an SMA (Fieldbus?) binding developed, but it does not sound complete

Ok then I will try to describe.
I have OH2.
it works fine.
There is an extenson for the SMA Energy Meter (SMA EM).

It works for 1 SMA EM.
But not for more than one.

The SMA EM send their data to one multicast address.
In the telegramm there is the Serial number of the SMA EM.
The Question now is
if there are 4 SMA EM
every SMA EM send the data to the same multicast address.
every second.
how to get these data and send them to the things.
There have to be 1 binding and 4 things, I think so.
If I understand that right.

Hi @LawMower.

I’m the developer of this SMA OH2 binding

I have got only one energy meter - hence I cannot test the behaviour of the binding if multiple devices are sending to the same broadcast address. Anyhow, I’ll try to help you :slight_smile:

What you could do is:

  • find out the IP addresses of your 4 SMA energy meters (i.e. have a look at your router)
  • call each IP address with the web browser: you’ll get a page showing you the serial number of the device (i.e. 1900999999)
  • go to the OH2 config folder for things (i.e. /etc/openhab2/things/). Create a new file i.e. mythings.things
  • define things for each of your 4 smart meters. You need the searial numbers
smaenergymeter:energymeter:1900999999 [ ]
smaenergymeter:energymeter:1900999998 [ ]
  • create the items you need and link them to the channels of the binding
Number PV_Power_In1 "Bezogene Leistung SM1" <energy> (PV) { channel="smaenergymeter:energymeter:1900999999:powerIn" }
Number PV_Power_In2 "Bezogene Leistung SM2" <energy> (PV) { channel="smaenergymeter:energymeter:1900999998:powerIn" }

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Best regars,

Hy Basha,
I try, but It doesn’t work.

First of all:

  • I run Win10 in a Virtual Maschine (VirtualBox)
    (A new one only for this test)
  • Install Java SE 8u112
  • Download
  • Unzipp and Copy to c:/openHAB
  • Run

First message:
karaf.bat: Ignoring predefined value for KARAF_HOME
(Some Weeks ago there wasn’t this problem)
But it works also.

In openHAB I can’t find the folders you mentioned.
So I do your suggestion in Paper UI.
But the result is the same then I use the binding.

I thing the bigest problem is, I can’t find the folder.
Thre is something different.
Also if I use the eclipse development, there are not the folders I expect.
Maybe this is the diference between openHAB 1 and 2.


Hi LawMower,

regarding the folders locations please have a look in the documentation, i.e. here:


@monnimeter Should my SMA bluetooth PV monitor work with this binding?

Hi @Andrew_Pawelski.
This binding is for the SMA Smart Meter. This device is connected to the LAN.
Regars, Osman

OK thanks - any ideas if ther is abluetooth binding for SMA PV monitoring?

AFAIK there is no Bluetooth binding for SMA inverters.
I’m using sbfspot - a command line tool which reads the data from the inverter.
Here is an example how to do it:

Hy Monnimeter,
there is no folder described in the documentation.
I can’t find the folder on the Windows system.
There is only

[Das Bild wurde vom Absender entfernt.]

monnimeter Osman Basha
December 11

Hi LawMower,

regarding the folders locations please have a look in the documentation, i.e. here:


Hello Monnimeter,
I am new with OH2 and try to use your binding for only 1smaenergymeter!
How to implement this in my UI? Also was muss in der Items Datei eingetragen werden??
Sorry for my German sentens… :slightly_smiling_face:
Best regards Andy

Hi Andy,

sorry for the late response - I was on vacation :slight_smile:

This is how my items file looks like:

// SMA Energymeter
Number			PV_Power_In				"Bezogene Leistung"							<energy>			(PV, PV_Power_Chart)	{ channel = "smaenergymeter:energymeter:1900234999:powerIn" }
Number			PV_Power_Out			"Eingespeiste Leistung"						<energy>			(PV, PV_Power_Chart)	{ channel = "smaenergymeter:energymeter:1900234999:powerOut" }
Number			PV_Energy_In			"Bezogene Energie"							<energy>			(PV)					{ channel = "smaenergymeter:energymeter:1900234999:energyIn" }
Number			PV_Energy_Out			"Eingespeise Energie"						<energy>			(PV)					{ channel = "smaenergymeter:energymeter:1900234999:energyOut" }

Give it a try!

Best regards,

Hey Osman,

it work… thanks a lot! :smiley:

Best regards!

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Nice! :+1:

Hello @monnimeter Osman.

first of all, sorry for hijacking this topic, but it’s kinda related, but I looked on the forum, but think this is the only post which referred to pvouput with both sma inverter and energy meter invoked

I read that you use sbfspot to read out your PV installation as well, uploading to PVoutput, and you have an energy meter as well .

I got a question regarding, I’ve got the same setup (sma inverter uploading to pvoutput through sbfspot), is there a way we can upload the data from sma energy meter to pvoutput through openhab ?

Thanks in advance

Hello Dirk.

I’m using sbfspot, but I’m not uploading to pvoutput (at least not yet :slight_smile:).

Acutally, there’s no openHAB add-on for pvoutput integration.

One way would be to do the integration on operating system level (i.e. bash scripting) or one could give the http-binding a try (it supports both get and post requests). This is a kind of a “Jugend forscht” project :smiley:

Best regards,