SMA EnergyMeter 4x

Ahh, that makes sense.


Hi Kim,

Thanks. The ip adress of the devices i put correctly… Sure.

I have running the knx binding working well and seem similar.

Maybe i have to restart… I will check… Because i cannot find the things in paper ui.

Maybe when i add them via paper ui, but then i don’t need the things file…

Will check…



A thing which isnt available via PaperUI could indicate you need to restart openhab/binding. I have seen it many times.
Keep an eye on the logfile (tail log) each time you make changes. You´ll be promted as soon as there seem to be a problem.

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Hi again,

i added the things via paper ui… now they are online… but the items still are empty.

You also have a “” I think where battery charge status is defined and shown in some way…can you upload ist also please?


tjek your poller and make sure the register is correct.

Ahh ofcouse…

// Device Type
9098=STP 5000TL-20
9099=STP 6000TL-20
9100=STP 7000TL-20
9102=STP 9000TL-20
9103=STP 8000TL-20
9281=STP 10000TL-20
9282=STP 11000TL-20
9283=STP 12000TL-20
9326=Sunny Boy Storage 2.5

// Condition

// Recommended action:
336=Contact manufacturer
337=Contact installer

// Grid relay/contactor:
16777213=Information not available

// Operating status:
443=Constant voltage
1393=Waiting for PV voltage
1469=Shut down
1480=Waiting for utilities company

// Battery oper. status:
2291=Battery standby
2292=Charge battery
2293=Discharge battery

Status battery application area:
2614=Own consumption area
2615=State of charge conservation area
2616=Backup power area
2617=Deep discharge protection area
2618=Deep discharge area

Just save the above in a file called

You also most probably need divide1000.js and smalimit.js.

// Wrap everything in a function
(function(i) {
    return parseFloat(i) / 1000;
// input variable contains data passed by openhab


(function(i) {
    if(i < 0) return "UNDEF";
    return parseFloat(i) / 1000

All three files goes into the transform folder.

Cool thanks… Try it later when at home



Hi Kim,

still something wrong…

“2019-11-15 22:17:05.479 [WARN ] [rm.AbstractFileTransformationService] - Could not transform ‘-’ with the file ‘’ : Target value not found in map for ‘-’”
i get no values… have no idea…
the things are now online - i added the two inverter manually via paper ui… - but i have no idea whats still getting wrong… and other files i have now…can you sent me maybe a zip with your whole config via personal message? i will post the solution completly later when i have success.

kind regards,


Have you looked in openhab.log ??

You should see either errors or your modbus pollers being initialized. Show us, please.

Hi Kim,

so i got it working!

Now I only have to check which values would be the most necessary or maybe are missing some values… will check the excel file.

Only thing which could be nicer are the missing icons. How you implemented the “groups” that the icons are showing up?

Do you have the icons?

Kind regards,


Hi Oliver… Great you got it working.
As for the icons, I use sitemap/icons for testing purpose only, as I´m working on a totally other GUI using Habpanel and SVG files. This GUI is still far from finished, and still lack my PV system.

In my sitemap I use a mix of the default icons, and some icons I´ve found on flaticons…
This is how my sitemap page look… You would probably prefere to do your own choise of icons.

Looks good!

Habpanel is my next project…

I bought a huawei t5 and want to fix in on the wall… maybe with possibility to get it off easily… so maybe wireless charging… but read lot of articels its not worth and working well.

So the solarpanel icon looks nice… maybe you can put in here also and I downloads it…

But how you get it working that if you specify the icon is shown automatically ?

Vie map also??



As said, the icons is a mix of the default icons in openhab

And some I have found on flaticons

Thats just default for items. Put the icon name inside the in the items line. Then they will show on sitemaps.