Small footprint smart wall plug (with voltage monitor)

(John Riker) #1

I’m looking for a US based wall plug that in a 2x2 wall plug, that the smart plug doesn’t take up more than one plug. So assume I want to put four of these in the 2x2 wall plugs is there a smart plug that you would recommend? Couple requirements:

  1. Wi-Ffi based and no internet requirement
  2. OpenHAB supported :slight_smile:
  3. Ability to handle washer and dryer voltage
  4. Ability to monitor the voltage.

Essentially want to monitor when my washer and dryer are running and stop.




(Rossko57) #2

You probably want to measure current (Amps) or power consumption (Watts) to determine consumer activity, not voltage

(Rich Koshak) #3

There are lots of zwave options. I know of no wifi options, especially wifi that do not include cloud.

(John Riker) #4

Is that because the z-wave hardware takes less room than a Wi-Fi alternative so has smaller options? I know items like the Wemo Insight Smart Plug are Wi-Fi and do not require cloud, but look to big.



(Scott Karns) #5

A Shelly 2 provides two independent relays that can be used to switch power to two outlets. It also provides power measurement capabilities. It connects over wifi and uses MQTT. They are also small enough to fit behind a standard duplex outlet. The only spec I am uncertain about is whether or not the relay contacts are beefy enough to switch the motor load of a washer or dryer.

(J Wee) #6

Teckin SP23 would be my recommendation. Especially since Tuya based plugs can be flashed OTA now

(John Riker) #7

Is there a US version of the Teckin SP23? Looking at their website is a bit odd. Shows UK based connectors, but one picture shows a US wall plug with a UK looking output. And the Input Voltage is AC 230V-250V.



(J Wee) #8

Sure there is

(John Riker) #9

Love the smaller Teckin unit. To bad it doesn’t measure current. Should probably add in that I would be OK with a unit that can fit side by side but protrude upwards or downwards so all four plugs would still be usable. I only need two of the plugs for the washer and dryer and the other two are used for lighting.

Wonder if it would be in bad form to put a small extension cable from the wall plug into the smart plug rather than directly into the wall. That way I could technically use any smart plug and not worry about space, other than if the vertical hanging of the plug would cause one of the connections to come free and the power cord lost in the back of the washer/dryer never to be accessible again.



(John Riker) #10

Wow, so I tried those WeMo Insight Smart Plug. That sucker is big. Basically with a standard cable in the socket next to the one I put the WeMo into, it butted up against it. No way you are going to put two of these side by side. Not sure if I can put one on the top left for example and the other one on the bottom right and still make the other two plugs usable but going to try. Else guess they are going back.



(John Riker) #11

WeMo is going back. Not the size, but two items:

  1. When the power goes off, the device stays off when the power comes back. So you literally have to reach behind the washer/dryer and push the button on the unit for it to come back on again.

  2. The app kept breaking out of the setup screens and for the life of me I couldn’t get it to connect to my WI-Fi. Not going to be good if it can’t be connected. And if I do connect it, can only imagine how reliable that will be.


(Andrew Rowe) #12

I am in the US and I like tp-link Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini. It is smaller then the WeMo but you are still not going to fit two side by side. They do fit one above the other. They also don’t monitor power usage, but it is a good smart plug. I also tried the WeMo and could not get it to work and returned it.

(John Riker) #13

Yeah I guess I have to call it a day for now on this piece. Doesn’t seem like the technology “I’m” looking for is there. Or there and working. Without the monitoring the plug doesn’t do me any good. That’s all I’m trying to use it for. I can try Z-Wave products, but was trying to avoid that with such a strong Wi-Fi in my house plus I’m afraid of a couple things:

  1. My OpenHAB runs in the basement in the walk in crawl space in a corner.
  2. Without measuring distance, I’d have to take about 15 steps out of my crawlspace, up 10 stairs, go thru the family room, into the utility room to get to it. Not sure as the only Z-Wave device if it would work.
  3. I run on a virtual machine on a server so not sure how well the z-wave plugged into the USB of the server will work in conjunction with a VMware virtual.



(Rich Koshak) #14

One could and many do plug their controller into something like an RPi 0w and use socat/ser2net to provide an IP connection to the serial device to the OH server. There is an extensive tutorial on the forum. With this approach you can place the controller in the ideal location for your mesh network and keep your OH server in the ideal location for your servers.

This part is super duper easy. Just pass through the USB device in your VM settings. I run OH on an VM running on ESXi and have for a couple years. It works great.

I’m not saying you should go down this path. A zwave network with only one device and no plans to expand to more devices would not be an efficient use of that technology. But if it’s the only technology that meets your requirements…

I just want to point out that you could do so. The problems listed are easily surmountable.