Smart access to Guest-Wifi

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(Alexander) #1


Do you also know the question of your guests for the wifi-key? I found a litte but nice solution for sharing access to the guest-wifi of my fritzbox.

After configuring the guest-wifi at the fritz!os i just took a screenshot of the qr-code that includes the accessdata and saved it to the html-folder of openhab.

Then i just added the following lines into my sitemap:

    Frame label="Netzwerk" {
    	Text item=Netzwerk_Details label="Details" icon="line" {
    		Frame label="WLAN-Netzwerke" {
			Switch item=fboxWifi24 label="Wifi 2,4 GHz" icon="network"
			Switch item=fboxWifi50 label="Wifi 5,0 GHz" icon="network"
			Switch item=fboxGuestWifi  label="Gäste-WLAN" icon="network"
			Frame label="Zugang Gast-WLAN" visibility=[fboxGuestWifi==ON] {
			Image url="" 

The result:

Hope you enjoy it!

Yours, Alex