Smart and cheap rollershutter actors (and most compatible to openHAB)

Hi guys.

I would like to know which rollershutter actors you use and if you would recommend them.

I already have electric rollershutters but i can only control them with an old switch.

A friend told me that intertechno is cheap and good. But i think they can only position in 0 and 100 %. So up and down and not 50% closed for sunny days.

Homematic is able to do this but i dont like to use another gateway.

I would also prefer an in wall solution.

There are some old threads but they did not help me and now we are close to 2018 so there should be new ones.

A number of people (including me) use ZWave and the Fibaro FGRM-222 actuator.
It’s in-wall and capable of positioning, plus some more such as auto-open on ZWave alarms.
Regarding gateway, well you always need some sort of gateway to get from the OH box to that actuator.
For ZWave it’s a stick or daughterboard you put into the OH box.
Stick and actuators are ~50€ each.

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Thank you for your answer. I now bought one + a UZB. I managed to install the binding and connected a roller shutter. After adding it did not do the calibration or… I did not recognize it. (It did not go UP or DOWN)

  1. Can I start the calibration manually?

  2. in HABPanel I managed to get a slider for item zwave_device_uzb_node5_blinds_control When I choose a number greater than 0 it goes completely down. Did I do something wrong??

Could you maybe upload your items and sitemap file for me?

Thank you @mstormi

  1. yes, use habmin or PaperUI to configure the zwave device, there’s a parameter (#26 I think), setting that to 1 will start calibration.
  2. you need to configure the item to be of type rollershutter, e.g.
    Rollershutter EG_Kueche_Rolladen_Tuer "Rolladen Küchentür [%d %%]" <rollershutter> (EG_Kueche,Rolladen) { channel="zwave:device:xxxxyyyy:node97:blinds_control" }
    in sitemap just use Switch item=EG_Kueche_Rolladen_Tuer
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Thank you. That was it