Smart bulbs standy comsumption

I did some simple power comsumption measurements on osram RGBW 10 W (
and yeeligth

the measurements were only one data point and done with a xiaomi zigbee plug.

it turns out that the Yeelight uses about 9,11 watts when on, and 1,19 watts when on standby, the speficiations are 600 lm wereas the osram uses 5,85 when on for 800 lm(again arrording to specs.) and 0,7 watts on standby.

In denmark the price for running a runing a 1 watt instrument 24-7 costs about 3 euro.

Yes, this is why I only use smart bulbs in a few locations - e.g. where I want colour. I considered HUE for my 15 downlights in my kitchen, but in the end went with two zwave dimmers and IKEA Lumen lamps instead.
Mind you, some z-wave devices also uses >0,5 Watts, but then they may control more lamps.