Smart door opener / door unlocker

Hi Community,

I’m planing to start a new project. I like to open my door / unlock my door on the base of human detection. Therefore, I already have a ESP32 CAM with people detection software on it which works great. This part is done.

Now, I’m searching for the second part of my project, the door opener/unlocker. I like to have something working with ZigBee or WiFi, something which unlocks the door.

Does anyone of you using such tool/hardware and if so, which?

Thanks in advanced

The garage door part is easy. For almost all garage door openers, you can insert a relay on the wires leading to the wall switches. When the relay makes the connection, the opener will see that as the wall button being pushed.

You can use another ESP (even an ESP8266) with an off the shelf relay using ESPHome, Tasmota, or one of the many other open source firmwares and MQTT for that part.

I use this approach only with an RPi. I’ve not yet moved it to an ESP but have plans to do so, eventually.

I’m ambivalent about door locks but currently have a pair of deadbolts on the exterior walls that support Zwave and Zigbee (I’m using Zwave). They are Kwickset 910 or something like that.

Hi @rlkoshak ,

thanks for the hint but I’m looking after a “main door” opener. Actually, it’s not for the main door but for the cellar door.

There, I would like to install my ESP32 CAM + Software, connect it to my OpenHab and that’s it. The idea is that I can enter my cellar without door key but via human (face) detection. I need “something” which can be plugged in, I do not want to replace the door. I found VisorT*** Cylinder Lock* but I would like to here what others are saying or if someone did something similar. ZigBee or WiFi, that’s what I have.

Thanks in advanced

Side note: You can not enter my house through cellar. Cellar is more like a place where I store all my garden tools, bikes, etc.

I’m using (Version 2 with a Bridge, there’s Version 3 Pro, which comes already with a WiFi included). There’s a binding and a pretty good API-Documentation on Nuki side.

I don’t know about V3, but my Bridge for V2 returns 500-errors en masse, which is kinda known problem, if you read throuhg the
I had some Homematic keyturner, which was a bit more reliant, but the configuration was a pain in the… and there’s no App for that. I use the App for friends and family, so they can open our house with that in case they’re looking after the cat.