Smart Door-Opener

My Keymatic is unfortunately defective and must be replaced. Unfortunately, I am not thrilled with the quality of the opener! Therefore, I am looking for an alternative. It should be possible to open the lock via Openhab. I have enocean, zigbee, wifi and Homematic in use.
My current lock I do NOT want to change. Currently I am leaning towards Nuki, what do you say? Does the Nuki have zigbee or not?

PS: can someone tell something abaout the performance? If i use the Nuki 2.0 with the Qlan-Bridge. How long does it take for the lock to open when I send the command in Openhab? I have a external Fingerprintsensor who should open the door with nuki, but if this take a lot of time its useless :slight_smile:


I have also a self built fingerprint sensor, Nuki and the Nuki bridge.
Nuki has an API that you can send commands to via the Nuki binding. It works very reliably - I haven’t experienced any quirks so far.
After Issuing the command it takes around a second and the lock will start opening. I have not waited longer than a second as far as I can remember, most of the time the dellay is shorter.
Also, I’m impressed with how good the adhesive mounting plate sticks to the door. We had some pretty cold winter days (-15°C outside) and I was prepared for it to fail, but it didn’t.
If you get it, get the eneloop pro batteries, they last very long (up to a year they say…).

That sounds really nice. Thanks for your fast reply. What kind of fingerprint do you have? I use a Dahua vto. I think I will look for a bikini :sweat_smile::joy:

I use a R503 with tasmota on a nodemcu - it is self built, but surprisingly reliable!

Thanks, but i have a Fingerprint from dahua, i’m very happy with this device :wink:

Today i received my new Nuki SmartLock. But it is very very slow. Sometimes its react in about 1-2 second but in average its react in round about 5-7 seconds… thats very slow :confused:

Hi! How are you triggering it? Via rule?
It is never that slow for me. I have a display on my fingerprint reader so I see when the command is sent, and the Nuki reacts almost immediately.
Maybe you share a bit more of your setup and we can investigate!

I test it with the NukiApp, the HTTP Api and the Nuki Binding. I use the Android Bridge. My Android tablet hangs 2meter far away at the wall. The RSSI Status shows me very good 70RSSI

My rule:

rule Haustuer_Open

when Item Haustuer_Open changed from OFF to ON 



    logInfo("Haustuer_open", "Haustür öffnen")


The Item
Number Haustuer_StatusInt "Haustürstatus" { channel="nuki:smartlock:5ec139415c:12adc4a419:lockState" }

I Dont know why it is so damn slow :confused:


ok so first of all, check the event log when exactly your states change and commands fire:

  • the fingerprint state
  • the Haustuer_statusInt

then, are you on OH2 or OH3?
And do you possibly have a jython setup up and running?
My experience is that DSL rules fire with a big delay when the rules in the file are not used very often. This got better with OH3, but still sometimes my rules fire delayed. That is not the case for jython, where I have my door unlock rules. The response there is immediate.

One more difference is that I use the Nuki Bridge, but let’s first find out where your delay is from. Maybe you can post your event log with the specific state changes?


i use a dahua VTO fingerprint. On the raspberry i have a PHP-Script that receive the fingerprintcommand from Dahua API and set the Haustuer_Open on true via HTTP-Restcall. With my old Homematic Item i havent any delay.

I use OH3, what kind of rule is faster than the classic DSL rules? I will test it :slight_smile:

And thanks for your help and fast reply!

before you fiddle around with the rules, how long does the lock take to react when you issue the command to open manually from openhab? E. g. send the number seven to the item via the api explorer (in developer tools).
That way we can rule out the Nuki side for delay.
If there’s already a delay, then we’ll need to look into the Android Bridge.

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It takes round about 5-6seconds :frowning:

OK, I’ll test tomorrow how long exactly it takes for me. But that would mean the Android Bridge is to blame, as I have the Nuki Hardware bridge.

Edit: I just tested it. The reaction of the lock is instant when I flick the switch in openhab. Not even a quarter of a second. Maybe the android bridge is just slow? Have you tried contacting nuki over this? The android bridge won’t be supported anymore some time soon though…

I only have the Android bridge.
The first opening takes much longer than an opening afterwards. As if a bt connection has to be established first or something. I just stood in front of the door again for 6 seconds. Directly afterwards it took “only” 2 seconds.
The Softwarebridge is outdated since last month.

They have stopped developing it because it is probably so rarely used. But the function should still be guaranteed.

Is you android bridge device kept awake properly? I think the android bridge is the problem…

The tablet hangs right next to the door and is always plugged in. It is a Fire hd 10 with fully kiosk browser. When I move it the display comes on and shows me my habpanel. So the tablet is always on. I don’t know if it will turn off bluetooth at some point.

Maybe you could try and ask in the Nuki forum. I’m pretty positive that the delay is introduced by using the android bridge instead of the Nuki Hardware bridge.

Now i have the official Hardwarebridge - awesome how fast the lock can open the door :wink: Too bad I can’t use my anyway existing tablet, but good that it finally works! thanks for your help :slight_smile: !

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I’m glad that it works now! :slight_smile: