Smart doorbell option replacement

Hey folks

Doorbell (regular, non-smart unit, just a button) appears to have given up the ghost, i reckon replacing the doorbell button assembly would probably fix the issue but was thinking it might be an opportunity to upgrade to a video/smart option.

Would need it to be powered from existing doorbell wiring and WiFi signal to there should be fine (its very close to the router). Not sure if its possible, but can the existing indoor chime still be used with a smart bell replacement? TIA

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The answer for Nest Hello is most definitely yes. I imagine the answer is the same for the rest too.

The way it works is there is a module you wire up to the existing chimes which wirelessly communicates with the doorbell button/camera at the door. When the button is pressed the Nest closes a relay in that little module and the doorbell rings as normal.


A Netatmo smart video doorbell also works using existing wiring and chime.

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I’m very happy with the unifi doorbell. Best doorbell i have tested. It requires you to have additional hardware for unifi cameras so more of an investment especially if you only use their doorbells.


Regular doorbell

Pro version

Thanks all, eventually went with a Reolink WiFi bell, didnt have PoE available at door so it limited some choices. Seems to work pretty well and didn’t cost the earth.

Quite pricey compared to Eufy, Ring, Reolink, etc

Are they worth the extra cost? If so what reasons?

Well, I don’t have any experience of the others, so I can’t compare. I had Netatmo products from before, so for me it was much of already being in the ecosystem. I also like that data is stored locally.

Thanks, local storage is a must for me. I have a gazilion servers and tons of storage so don’t want to be paying for cloud services that I have myself

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