Smart Doorbell options

I am looking to install a smart door bell. I need recommendations, both for the best smart door bell around and preferably one that integrates with OpenHab.

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Well, this question is coming up every now and then and I’ve been following it for some time, but until now, I have not seen any convincing product.
Most smart door bells people use are actually traditional door bells, connected (in parallel) to sensors such as the Fibaro ZWave Universal Binary sensor (which is what I’m using).

If you rework your bell electrics anyway, consider NOT to use your traditional bell but to use openhab for the sound output.
Such as to play an MP3 to multi-room Sonos speakers, or, if you run openhab on a Pi, you can actually use it’s onboard sound jack for output (not the greatest of sounds, but it works, and it allows for easy dynamic selection of sounds, including text-to-speech).
Or have fun playing with any of your smarthome components (I’m making my hue lamps blink on doorbell rings, which is quite useful in addition to audio).