Smart Home Day 2018 - Car pooling

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Hey guys,

who else is going to the Smart Home Day 2018 in Ludwigsburg (Oct 21) and is driving from NRW for potential car pooling?


Hi David,
I will go there, living near Düsseldorf…

Not NRW but nearly on the route:


Might be possible to pick you both up.

I would be interested. :slight_smile:

Great, so I will not have to drive alone. I will pick David up in Düsseldorf and then we will drive to Koblenz. Further details via PM…

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Any news? Didn’t receive anything yet.

You have a message :slight_smile:

@hmerk anymore space in your car? Are you going to drive both ways on Sunday?

They are driving towards Ludwigsburg today and back on monday.
At least that was my last information.

I am driving both ways tomorrow, since i have to work on monday.

from where do you start (this was my plan, too) @Confectrician ? I am going to start at 5:15 in Krefeld

Update: Koblenz. It might be worth to share the ride nevertheless. I am available on my mobile 01512-7634891. We can Organise ourselves by phone tomorrow.