Smart Home Day in Darmstadt on May 20!

Dear all,

I am very happy to announce that the openHAB Foundation organizes its first event: The Smart Home Day at the University of Applied Siences Darmstadt (h-da)!

The event takes place on May 20 from 11am-2:30pm and attendance is free - it should be a great opportunity for community members to meet there. If you are interested to join, please be so kind and register at so that we can better plan for the number of attendees.

Right after the event, there will be the (first!) General Assembly of the openHAB Foundation members from 3-5pm. Only members are invited to join it, but you will of course have the chance to become a member that day, if you are interested in supporting our organisation and joining the assembly meeting.

For everyone that wants to further discuss openHAB over a beer in the evening, we also plan to go out (informally) in the evening together to a pub - if you want to join, please drop me a note as well, so that I can reserve a large enough table :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to meeting many of you on May 20!

Best regards,