Smart Home Day on October 22

I am thinking about attending the Smart Home Day and contributing one ore more topics.

The last topics might be more “arduino” related than “openhab”, but I still think they fit the theme of “Smart Home”.

More than the above mentioned topics I would like to propose an idea I came up with regarding an open smart bulb protocol.
I think it would be great to have a open standard to communicate with DIY LED-wifi-devices.
The only solutions I can find requre a smarthome and/or mqtt server or use some kind of emulation to mimic a LIFX or Philips Hue bulb.
So I think I could present my idea in hope of finding developers that would help to create such standard protocol (with an Arduino library and a openhab binding maybe).

But the are a few things I need to address first:

  • I don’t think I would be able to bring a working demo for any of these projects
  • I won’t have much time to create a good presentation
  • I never did a big presentation (let alone in english) :wink:
  • What project should I focus on? I don’t think we would have time for everything.
  • How much time is planed for each presentation? What about discussions for each project?
  • Is this even the right target group for arduino projects?
  • Is this the right target group for my open smart bulb protocol proposal?

Hey @christoph_wempe,

Would be great to see you at the Smart Home Day!
Many thanks for your suggestions. They make me think that I should maybe clarify a bit the idea for these “community sessions”: It is meant for presenting stuff that has been realized “with” openHAB and not so much “for openHAB” - that is, it is not about new kinds of technical integrations, but rather about cool use cases with “standard” features. The presentations are expected to be entertaining and addressed to users as an audience, not to developers, so it should be only spoken about the “what” and not going into the “how”. So from this perspective, I would think that your Kodi use case might be the best fit, assuming that you have that as a “disco mode” in production at home. A video might actually the best way to present this, especially if this feature is maybe integrated with an “disco scene”, which controls the AVR, blinds, etc. (not sure how you use it in detail).

Is this the right target group for my open smart bulb protocol proposal?

The community section is definitely the wrong place for this, but I would think that it could make sense to do a kind of BOF table at the restaurant in the evening - that would be the best place for starting discussions that could afterwards be continued here in the forum.

Thanks for clarifying.

My “music visualization” of more a very rough proof of concept I did in an evening.
I think in that case I will not have much to show. :slight_smile:

So I will wait for a Smart Home Day near Cologne. :wink:

But feel free to show my video if you think it is worth it.

Any further information is linked in the Video description in case anybody is interested.


If you have no issue with visiting Düsseldorf, you might want to suggest your smart bulb protocol for an openHAB Meet-up there!

I actually was at the first Meet-Up in Düsseldorf.
And, yes, I plan to attend next time, too. :wink:

All, I have just published an updated agenda with @martinvw, @ysc, @george.erhan & @mstormi as further speakers! It is going to be an awesome event with a very packed program - I am very much looking forward to it!

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Sounds great, too bad that I am on holidays then :frowning:

You should think about postponing them!

No chance :-). It’s my annual two weeks vacation. Unfortunately EclipseCon Germany is always mid of october and that’s normally the time of my yearly vacation.
Maybe next year …

All, fyi: The event is completely booked out, we have reached the max capacity of the venue - awesome!
Thank you all for registering, I am looking very much forward to meeting you at the event!


Omg I totally forgot to confirm my booking. I see you next year then :slight_smile:

Is somebody by chance traveling from Berlin or surrounding area via car? If yes, I’d be happy about a PM :slight_smile: See you, guys!

Probably I’ll be (Zielona Gora), If somehow I’ll get a ticket :frowning:

Yop, I’ll be there :slight_smile:
Anybody else traveling from surrounding of Berlin or Zielona Gora ?

Anyone in ibis willing to join small informal meeting with some polish in Irish pub?

We are now in Kullman’s, next door to the Ibis hotel.

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Cheers to you all! :wink:


Still there?


I’m glad you suggested a hotel with a decent automation of the toilet lights :grinning:

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