Smart Home Day - Saturday Evening

(Thomas Bail) #1

Hey guys,

i am arriving on Saturday evening at Ludwigsburg. Hotel is campuszwei near the location. Is someone interested in having a beer or two?


(Markus Storm) #2

Sure, but at least most (all?) speakers will stay at the ibis. Probably you’ll have more company if you come over.

(Thomas Bail) #3

This is just 5 Minutes by feet. I wil come ove by 19:30 how can i find you “all”


( ) #4

(Martin van Wingerden) #5

Both me an @ThomDietrich have a picture that could give you a head start and maybe you will recognize @Kai as well :slight_smile:

(Thomas Bail) #6

I will give it a try with the pictures. Otherwise i will look for a guy traveling with complete office als described by @ThomDietrich


(Kai Kreuzer) #7

As the Ibis lobby might not be very cosy, we potentially go to some pub in near the hotel. If we do, we will leave a note at the reception, so anybody coming to the Ibis and not finding anyone else there, just ask at the reception about where to find us!

(Herbert) #8

Sounds great - we will only arrive after 10 p.m. - so do not empty the beer barrels before :wink:

( ) #9

@Kai not sure if you already said that somewhere else. Is there a fixed time to aim for? Otherwise I’ll probably also arrive around 19:00.

See you all there!

(Kai Kreuzer) #10

I don’t yet know when I will arrive myself, but I would expect 19:30 (which @Dibbler42 suggested) can be a good time to meet in the lobby.