Smart Home Day - umweltplakette & transportation

(Martin van Wingerden) #1

Just today I realise that I will need an umweltplakette for my car in Germany. Any tips where I can get them close to Ludwigsburg, at least if I looked correctly I will need one to get to the hotel.

And do people know what the fine is?

Any other hints or tips are welcome as well :slight_smile:

( ) #2

Hey Martin!
An interesting question :smiley: I had to check myself. It seems like you can get one nearby (may be a problem in the weekend) or order it online (strangely it doesn’t offer the Netherlands). The price is 5€. What would you prefer? I’ll be back with further details in a second message.

(Martin van Wingerden) #3

Since I will leave saturday before 10 I think that every form of delivery will fail to be in time :blush:

If I have to leave two hours earlier to be able to make it somewhere in time I might be able to manage that, I’ll take the rest of the family with me so to get them all in the car on time might be a challenge :wink:

If It could be ordered online and I could pick it of on Saturday or deliver it in the hotel… that might work. Otherwise getting one nearby sounds more realistic.

( ) #4

Okay then. It should be pretty easy to find a TÜV branch somewhere along your tour. Every one offering at least “Technical Inspection” should be fine (each does :slightly_smiling_face:)

As you can see your deadline is Saturday 12:00

Btw. I suspect you checked your car will indeed get the green Umweltplakette? :smile:

(Martin van Wingerden) #5

I hope its a german brand of less than 2 years old :slight_smile:

(Kuba Wolanin) #6

I’ll hijack the thread a bit, but it’s kinda related :slight_smile:

Does anyone travel from Stuttgard airport to Ludwigsburg?

Kai told me that the best way to commute is probably the subway:

Lines 2+3 go from the airport to Stuttgart main station and from there you can continue with lines 4+5 to Ludwigsburg.

Here’s the info on ticket prices (one way about €8,5):

Do you know any alternatives (just in case)? Does Uber make sense (if available)? :wink:

Looking forward to meet you!

( ) #7

I’d second the subway recommendation. You should also be able to get connection schedules via google maps. Uber is a bit special in Germany and would be more expensive.

(Jürgen Baginski) #8

Guys, have fun talking to each other in person. I’m stuck near London for another month, hoping to be back in the 20th century end of November.

(Jerome) #9

I am not attending, but entering this thread too.

You can find some information about the Emissions stickers here:

Make sure to bring your vehicle registration (i hope thats the correct translation) with you. :slight_smile:

To obtain your emissions sticker, you will need part I of your vehicle registration certificate (and/or your vehicle registration document). You need not bring the vehicle itself. Emissions stickers cost € 6.— including VAT if you collect the sticker at one of our Service Centers.

Off topic:

Thanks for the word umweltplakete between all those technical threads here. :smiley:
It gave me a short wtf moment while scrolling through the main page.

(Udo Hartmann) #10

Hope you’ll be back in the 21st century… :wink:

(Markus Storm) #11

Me, too :smile:, so some more off-topic:
Actually since I also bring my family with me, we were looking for places of interest in Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart or around they can visit while I’m busy … actually the best we came up with was the “Mooswand”.

(Martin van Wingerden) #12

My wife is aiming for

And I got my plakette

I was afraid that I would not make it before 12

(Jürgen Baginski) #13

You might wish to display that with avatar/picture :laughing:

(Herbert) #14

We’re also going by Train from the airport to Ludwigsburg…guess it’s the easiest way…

(Iancho Dimitrov) #15

Hi guys,

Not sure if anyone else is arriving by plane on Sunday morning…

But in case that’s your plan too - then FYI I’ll be arriving on Sunday morning at Stuttgart airport (expected 09:05) and I’ll go from the airport to the venue by car.
I travel alone - so I can get 3 more people with me.

So if you want to join me - it will be a pleasure to have a ride together :slight_smile: - please PM me or send me an email (iancho.d at gmail) to arrange where and when to meet.

Greetings from Sofia and looking forward to see you at the event!!