Smart Home Designer to VS Code

Hi ,
About 2 years working with Smart Home Designer and decided to move on to VS Code.
Little strange thing mabye in my setup.
VS Code with Openhab Extension does not show me duplicate ITEM names.
Is it me or is this correct ?

Mabye missing some setup ?

I’m also moving to VS Code with Openhab Extension and wondered too.
Like you wrote, it seems that there are some warnings missing. (e.g. dublicate items warning)
So I’m also interested in an answer.

@kubawolanin, is this a missing feature or a regression? I’ve not used VSCode enough enough to know the answer.

Syntax validation is handled with Language Server Protocol which is a part of Eclipse SmartHome. I’d suggest to submit an issue for it.

cc: @sjka

For now you can quick search the name of your item with Ctrl + F.

Another thing, that I’m missing:
Smart Home Designer shows my mistake (operator =)

in VS Code I can’t find any hint

Take a look at the “Problems” tab:

Thank you, but “problems”-tab is empty. Do I have to change something at the settings to solve this?


No, not that I know of.

Make sure the language server is started:
Started Language Server Protocol (LSP) service on port 5007 (openhab.log)
and that your credentials are correct:

    "": "192.168.XXX.XXX",

Note that the port syntax has changed from "8080" to 8080.
If you did not change the port number it should not be necessary to change anything here.

After a successful configuration you should also be able to see your things and items in the lower left corner:

Searched for Started Language Server Protocol in openhab.log but couldn’t find it.

Sorry, it’s not clear to me, where to look for.

I can see things and items.


Thanks for your help!

Are you on an older build? On older builds you need to install the language support, on newer builds it is activated by default.

Go to “Settings” and verify that either your ip adress or hostname is set to the correct adress matching your openhab server (or leave it the default “openhabian” if you are on openHABian).

Actually that means your setup is correct, though …

Here are more details:


Then it won’t work …

Ok, so first of all, I have to update.

Didn’t update for a longer time beacause since I moved my files from sd-card to ssd (I’m on RPi3) I’m not able anymore to backup with Win32DiskImager like I did with sd-card. And I didn’t want to update without having a backup.
Win32DiskImager don’t accept my ssd-card as source device, when I try to create a image-file. And with Amanda-Backup I failed.

You could try to install the language server manually, but I’m not sure it will work with older builds …

Thanks again. is always another good choice …

I will try that. Thanks.