Smart "Key-Turner" or smartlock: Alternative for Nuki Smartlock?

I backed Nuki back then on kickstarter and upgraded since to Smarlock v2. From the beginning I used the Nuki Bridge to be able to use the smartlock with my home automation (ekey fingerprint sensor triggers opening/key turning of my front door lock with Nuki).

now: since ever the Bridge would sometimes answer with 500 http errors and since a year this was extensively and now every two or three actions lead to 500 errors. I even catch those errors and try again every 500ms for five times, if this happens. Still, the first two month I’ve got around 430 successful openings and about 730 unsuccessful ones!

So, Nuki support says they don’t find something in my logs and say, they assume an hardware issue with my Bridge and offer to buy a new one with a new hardware revision for 40% off. Because my Bridge is out of warranty.

I’m not so convinced as there’s a lot of 500 error related issues around Search results for '500' - Nuki Developers

So, my question: is there a stable (!) alternative for a Nuki smartlock?

Must have

  • locally accessible API for door opening with “key turner” ability (european/german keylocks)
    ** close door: turn key for three times
    ** open door: turn key for three times if closed
    ** open latch: turn key for a bit to open the latch
  • either log battery life or possibility to plug in a power cord of some kind
  • door must be accessible with “normal key” from outside

Nice to have

  • App for remote control

not interested

  • some fancy-dancy features like geofencing, auto-latch/open, … this doesn’t even work remotely with only bluetooth
  • overpriced extras (longer living battery-pack, …)


I do not own a Nuki, but maybe this could be an alternative for you

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I use the Tedee key lock. The only disadvantage is the missing local api( will come sometimes). You can link it with apple homekit but unfortunately not with OH.

hmmm. I already had one promised local API with the Ring door bell. Never came, then amazon took over and buried that completely.
So, that rules out Tedee for me…

But the ESP32-project nuki_hub is working as promised and presently very stable.

After the last days, I have ZERO errors, no retries and everything works as expected. Much faster than the bridge ever was. The ESP32 is on the exact same place, the Bridge was.

Only downside is, you lose the ability to remotely access your Smartlock via the Nuki App. But I can live with it, I can just use my openHab App for that. So it’s just OK.