Smart Living Forum Solingen on November 18, 2023!

SAVE THE DATE: Smart Living Forum Solingen on November 18!


Hello Kai,
if I want to attend this event (the public one, not the meet&greet pizza evening), do I need to register somewhere, or would I just drop by at the Gläserne Werkstatt? The website isn’t too clear about this.
Stefan D.

It is a public event where anybody can just drop by - no need for registration!
Only the evening is a closed event for open source community members, therefore we ask for a registration for it.

FYI: The agenda for the day is now also finalized and I have added it to the announcement here.

Feedback ?

We plan to add the feedback summarized in a blogpost, when we have collected all footage and information from the city of Solingen too.
I am currently in contact with them for this topic. :slight_smile:

The early TL;DR from openHAB Foundation side for this could be something like:
We had a great weekend with interesting talks, many visitors und a lot of fun.

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