Smart Mirror and OpenHAB

Anyone see this project?

This would be awesome to link into OpenHAB.

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there had been extensive discussions on this one - including integration of som OH features to the Smartmirror in a german KNX/ OPenhab forum as far as i remember.

sorry in German - but good instructions and ideas.


I’ve actually built such magic mirror myself. I also included stuff from my openHAB instance running on a separate raspberry. I’m just using the REST interface of openHAB to get my current states (reloading them in various intervals).
Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to commit stuff to my github project and the code is currently a little messy. :smile:

If you wan’t I can provide some JS/PHP snippets here because I don’t think I will/can commit it soon.

Here you get some impression how it currently looks (currently I’m displaying lights, windows, sockets …):


So very cool. I need to build this ASAP.

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Nice, I like your clean layout!
My magic mirror looks kind of messy compared to yours :wink:
Blog post:

My version also periodically accesses the Rest API to retrieve lights, window and door contacts, temperatures, and Wi-Fi state of several devices.
The floor plan is simple, each light and window contact has its own transparent overlay image.

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If you are using the new MagicMirror² version, you could try out this module to visualize your lights, window contacts, and arbitrary labels on your own individual floorplan :smiley:

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wow amazing - how is the mirror build? I mean is it just a Display in the back or how?

Yes, it is a 24" screen with a spy mirror of the same size. Here is how I built it: