Smart plug 220v with Wifi and extra sensor

Hi everyone!

I want to do a Smart Plug for 220v, i want to controll it via Wi-fi and i want it to go on&off depending what input it gets from external sensors. Would be nice to also meassure power consumption and see it upon connection.

I also want to do an app were i can switch the plug on/off directly , and also a schematic were it follows a min and max and goes on/off depending on the external sensors reading.

What parts would you suggest me to use? and is there anyone out there that would like to make the app? ofcourse i pay for it.



No one needs to make the app. That is what openHAB does. You just need to choose a plug that is compatible with openHAB and use the logic, sitemap, and apps that openHAB comes with.


So i can use one WIFI plug, one BT tempsensor, and just program it? i want…without the possibility to be connected to internet, for ex a temp sensor to speak with the plug and work by a schematic, lets say on at 5 degree and off at 10 degree. But also if we connect be able to program it or watch what happend the last 12hrs. So kinda smart but still dumb hardware

So long as the wifi plug and by sensor are supported by openHAB and neither required internet to function, yes everything you describe can be done in OH.

Bear in mind Openhab needs some ‘box’ to run on, be it Raspberry Pi or old latop etc. etc.
Openhab is capable of controlling many such plugs and working with many sensars, and much more besides.

If you just want a single plug controllable from a Phone app that is something different, this kind of thing perhaps