Smart plug monitor and Wi-Fi

I asked a similar question before, however this one is slightly different. I would like to buy wall smart plugs for US plugs that won’t take up more than their socket. I have 4 plug wall sockets (2x2) and every plug I use always crowds other plugs and can’t use all four plugs filled with smart plugs. Or even if I just want one smart plug, it tends to overlap the usability of other plugs. Unlike my other ask, I do not care about wattage for a washer or dryer, just for lamps. So what I’m looking for in order of importance:

  1. Ability to plug into a wall plug and be able to have three more of it’s counterparts be able to go into the other plugs or at least leave enough room for other things to be plugged into the walls if I don’t use four in one outlet.

  2. Wi-Fi enabled for management

  3. Ability to manage these locally without the need for any cloud services.

  4. OpenHAB integrate able . Has a binding.

  5. Ability to integrate thru OpenHAB and the Alexa Skill.




Why don’t you use a sonof basic with tasmota firmware. Mount it in line on a short extension lead.

Have you considered

I know of no smart plugs that won’t be larger than the outlet and get in the way.

If you have room behind the outlets in the box, you can use Shelly1s. But neither the SonOff Basics nor the Shelly1 reports power usage. You don’t have that as a requirement. I used the little 3’ power cords above with Sonoff Basics and it worked well to control Christmas lights and other adhoc things I want to control.