Smart Radiator Valves: Tado/Netatmo

Hi all,
I was thinking to buy Smart Radiator Valves for my home and I was thinking to buy Tado or Netatmo.
Have you never tried this integration? Is it possible with the current integration to change the setpoint of Smart Valves?
If I understood correctly the current Netamo integration doesn’t allow to change the setpoint for a singe valve. Am I wrong?

What I would like to achieve with OpenHab is monitor the temperature of the room of each Valve, the valve status (open/close) and set for each valves the setpoint.

Any Idea and experience on this?


Regarding Netamo valves, @mdillman will be your go to guy ! :slight_smile:

Hi, I can only talk about the Netatmo valves as these are the ones I’m using.
Support for these in OH is currently only available via the new binding version out of a provided JAR as it has not yet been merged. @glhopital and I hope that it makes it into OH 3.2.

The Netatmo concept works with a “room” and not a single valve. For me this makes sense as I have 2 radiators in my living-room, thus 2 valves. Even with non-smart valves/thermostats it makes sense to drive your radiators evenly, otherwise the room will be warmer at the side where a radiator distributes more heat.

The setpoints can be only controlled per room, not per valve. Also status-information like “window open” or the percentage how much heating-power is currently distributed can only be retrieved by room.

Per valve-device the binding supports only basic information like signal-strengh and battery-percentage.
BUT: if you desire you can simply configure one valve per room (eg. set up two rooms like livingroom-left and living-room-right in my case), so you could control the valves independently. But as I said the results will be not optimal, especially if your radiators are not equal (eg. one is significantly more powerful like the other).

What I experienced what does not work well with Netatmo-valves is using them in general for temperature-readings (eg what the indoor weather modules do). These readings are not reliable and off by a few degrees even compared to readings by Netatmo weather-station. This is mainly if the radiators are cold (eg summer).
Netatmo has a feature called “true temperature” that allows you to calibrate the real temperature measured by another thermostat and the valves. I did this for each room after installation.

So I’d advise to have additional temperature sensors placed in the room that feed the measurements into OH.

Feel free to ask more questions, I use the valves for my complete home since they came to market. It was an unfinsihed product initially, but since a while they work quite well.


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Hi all,
it make sense regarding the “room” concept. Thanks @mdillman for your really clear explanation. Honestly I didn’t think considered the situation of two radiator in the same room.

If I can set the room temperature it’s totally fine and enough for me.

The idea I have in my mind is to manage my boiler and SRV together.
My boiler is already connected via BBQKees to OA(3.2), I will connect also Netamo/SRV and I will create some “intelligent” rule to manage both.
for example if I need to raise the temperature in one of the room and the boiler is off I will switch on before….something like this!

Yes I could also connect my buderus with the Netamo relay but I prefer to maintain the Buderus controller logic.


I used to have LightwaveRF TRVs but they were noisy and more particularly they couldn’t call for heat.

There is little point in having smart control over a radiator if you can’t also control the boiler/pump because the valve might happily open and close but the radiator will only get hot if the pump is already running.

For that reason, I have switched to Drayton Wiser. I like that it is made by a heating controls company, not a tech startup. There is a comprehensive binding for OpenHAB plus the native app is good. It also has OpenTherm if your boiler is compatible. The only downside versus the similar product from Honeywell (Evohome) is that the hot water control relies on the existing cylinder stat rather than measuring temperature. That would make a slight difference is you are using OpenTherm but for me doesn’t justify the additional cost of Evohome over Wiser.

Hi all thank you for the information. I decided to stay with Netamo because I already have some module (weather station with inner module).

Do you have some how to to install the new .jar library. I tried in this way but It’s failing.

openHAB 3.2.0.M2 on a docker container (running in a raspberry)


interesting… but it looks that the smart radiator valve did not make it into OH3.2 is that correct?

No, it is currently in code-review and I hope that it makes 3.3.

Unfortunately Netatmo rearragend/deprecated a lot of API-endpoints recently so @glhopital wanted to adapt the binding. I hope he finds time and motivation to do it as it is quite frustrating being almost done with the review-work and then the need comes up to refactor a large portion of the code in flight …

Yes, I’m on it. I had to slow down because I house moved and my time is spent on many topics. On the good side, I took of it the opportunity to invest in some new Netatmo modules (particularly NRV).


Great! Looking forward to that !!

I am new here and trying to follow all the instructions to connect my valves.
I managed to installed the latest binding but thats how far i got.
Unfortunately I don’t get the valves connected.
Scanning does not turn up any devices. And i tried adding the relais manually but only get
Unable to connect Netatmo API : Not Found
Is the thermostat Relais the right one? The Netatmo Doc says NaPlug and its same on openhab.
Hope somebody can point me in the right direction