Smart watches and openhab (CHAT)

Hi everyone I’m after some answers about smartwatches

Is it possible too install the openhab android app on a wear os watch too receive notifications from the openhab server?

Or can it just passthrough the notifications from my android phone with the android app installed?

or Is there another work around?

how many here have a smart watch liked too openhab and how are you finding it?

What smart watch are you using how are you finding it?

As a smart watch has many sensors and knows when you are asleep ect is there a way too import this data too openhab too better automate when I’m in bed and not in bed?

Thanks for any answers

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It’s alright. I try to limit my notifications to a bare minimum but there are a few I get from the OH app on my watch. It’s not really a game changer to get oh notifications on the watch.

I have the original Huawei still going strong. I mainly use it for fitness tracking type stuff and Our Groceries lists. Sometimes I’ll use Google Assistant but do so less now I have smart speakers.

Using Tasker and apps that are compatible with it you can get the data into openHAB. You might be able to do a bit more with AutoWear but I’ve no experience with that.

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Hi Rich

Merry Christmas hope you are having a nice time and thanks for the response as always (I did see your other response too my post earlier just not had time too thank and reply)

Passing through the notifications is perfectly fine thats all I wanted realy

I’m thinking about getting the second version as my first smart watch what brand phone do you have linked with it?

Also sounds good I will wait until I buy a watch too ask more here but with you having a watch same brand can see it getting done :slight_smile:

I also have a couple of Google home minis already at my house and on my phone but can see a watch version being extremely useful when not around an existing device

Is there a reason why you haven’t upgraded too the newer version watch? Do you see it as not worth it

It was a Moto X PE for awhile until I upgraded to a Pixel 2 XL about a year ago.

With Android Wear, get the watch that has the hardware disc’s you want. The software experience is pretty uniform across them all so long as they are all running. Wear OS 2.0.

This watch works fine for what I use it for. Except fire the possibility to swim with one there is nothing the newer watches can do that mine can’t.

It’s fast enough and the battery lasts long enough fur my purposes. I have pent of other things I can spend $200+ on.

HI again @rlkoshak

I ended up buying the watch2 a little while ago

Do you know If there is a way too link the Bluetooth from the watch and the phone too the Bluetooth on the RPI with openhab for use with presence detection?

There is a BT Binding that I think is still unofficial that might work.

For awhile I used reelyActive Smart Spaces Revisited which worked well on my watch because the watch didn’t spoof and change the BT MAC address every few minutes like the phones do. With the phones you could only tell that an iPhone was present, not that a specific iPhone was present.

Before that I wrote which worked OK, but it has been a long time since I’ve used it. Several users of it do continue to use it for this though.

I have decided too give this a try

when scanning the inbox it only shows two devices in the inbox but they are only listed as bluetooth addresses how do i know what device is what

i’m also not sure my smart watch is showing in the list

on the watch open settings, about, model and I think the number that comes up is the by Mac address. if not search Google for how to find it on your watch.

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Thanks for that it worked and gave me the Bluetooth address having some trouble with the official Bluetooth binding my devices only update once and never again couldn’t add the watch at all just says offline

I have been trying with the bluetooth binding in alpha got better results do you know if bluetooth from smartwatches is hidden or something tried loads too find the watches bluetooth

I really know biting more than I’ve said so far. I know nothing of the binding.