Smart Watering

I’m looking for a smart watering system, ideally battery for operation in a european country. I am aware of the Gardena Smart Water Control Set which would be suitable but I’d prefer something where I don’t need an additional gateway but which can be reliably operated e.g. through ZWave (WLAN is considered to be quite power consuming, for that a battery option would likely be not feasible)
Does anyone here has some experience with that? Fallback solution would be something with 220V power operation. For what? I want to use it for my lawn watering. Thank you for any suggestions!

It is quite simple.

Get an old washing machine take out the water control unit.
If you power the water control unit the water will go through.
Depending on what switches you use the power unit needs only 230AC in Europe.

I use this system already over 20 years, first with X-10 now with NEO Coolcam Z-WAVE PLUS NAS-WR01ZE EU

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