Smart WiFi Switch recommendation for Europe


I live in North America and all my automation is for US/Canada. I want to do some automation for my mother in Germany but I have no idea what’s available in Europe. Can you recommend good brands?

For now I’m just thinking Wall Switches and Smart Plugs, preferably WiFi and should work with OpenHab and Google Home.


Shelly Relays.

Thanks, I noticed that relays somehow popular in Europe, but I guess I can just use a smart plug for that. At the moment I’m looking more like for a smart switch or they utilised for that as well?


Smart relays tend to go behind, and mean the existing switch can still be used. So flicking the switch will turn on the device, or using shelly app, openhab or google assistant will operate it as well. Has advantages over buying a smart switch

Ok, that could be a good solution. Thank you, I’ll have a look.