Smartenit ZBMLC30 Binding (Zigbee)

I have been unable to find anything specific to these 220v relays in the community. I am new and moving over from Smartthings which seems to be a very common occurrence. All my components are covered except these. I use two of these Smartenit 220v double relay controllers to automate my pool/spa equipment. Great relays but hoping someone can help me understand how I might go about getting bindings created for Openhab? Are there contractors or services I can hire to have this created since I am not a coder? Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.

There is a device handler for Smartthings if that is at all helpful?

Looks like a vibrant community looking forward to getting into it. Smartthings was fun but limited and frankly I don’t trust them anymore…time to take control of my automation.

These devices are zigbee compatible
You may be able to control them with the zigbee binding
Let the binding do the discovery and see what comes up after pairing them with the controller
See what channels are offered by the device on autodiscovery

You also maybe able to control them with zigbee2mqtt (search on google) although they are not on the list of compatible device, it is relatively easy to add new devices yourself

Thank you for the help…I will look into both of them
Alternatively…any recommendations for 220v relays?