Smartest way to compare if the state of 4 items is the same

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    • openHAB version: 2.2
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I have 4 LIFX lights which I want to toggle on and off thru the Double Press action of my wireless button.

The 4 lights are in 2 separate rooms so the Short Press action of the buttons toggles 2 lights and the Long Press toggles the other 2.

Because its possible for another device to change the state of the lights (Lifx app, Google Home etc) I have catered for the fact that 2 of the lights might have a different state and if so set both of them on.

var fr1_state = Family1_Switch.state
	var fr2_state = Family2_Switch.state
	logInfo("RULES", "Family 1 State " + fr1_state)
	logInfo("RULES", "Family 2 State " + fr2_state)
	if (fr1_state != fr2_state) {
		logInfo("RULES", "Lights are in different states - TURNING ON")

This works ok so my challenge now is how to compare the state of all 4 lights to see if they differ?

Now I could compare light 1 to 2, 1 to 3 and 1 to 4, but its a bit ugly. Is there a better way anyone can suggest?

	if (fr1_state != fr2_state OR fr1_state != br1_state OR fr1_state != br2_state) {...

Thanks for any suggestions,

Clearly not a programmer

I think you could put all the subjects in a Group, using an AND state calculation, so the Group would go ON only when all members are ON

Thanks rossko57 - That was the concept I was looking for!

I should have RTM better!