SmartHome algorithm/methodology

Hi All,

In my home I’m using an devices like heatpump, recuperation unit etc for controling/managing environment condition (like relative humidity, temperature…). All devices in use are capable to by managed remotelly (via api, modbus, Openhab etc…).

I’d like to propose/introduce python algorithm for managing home condition with the regards of the energy spent - i.e. I can pull up rollers in order to gain heat through sollar gains (all windows are south oriented) and when it won’t be enough only than I can start heatpump.

The question is what kind off algorithm, methodology would be helpfull here? I was thinking about PID regulation, however it doesn’t consider energy spending. Any advice?

Thank you.


PID regulation is not necessary for a house. PIDis useful in fast reacting application. A house heating takes several minutes to react to input.

There are many example on the forum.