[Smarthome/J Viessmann binding] Will there be a version for openHAB4?

I did the update to openHAB 4 and surprisingly the Smarthome J Viessmann Binding is missing.

I do recall the statement:

which sounded as if it would exist already. Am I looking in the wrong spot (MainUI)?

Did you change the marketplace entry to addons-snapshot ?
If not, you will not see openHAB 4 versions.

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Both selections for Community-Marktplatz Add-Ons are selected (that is " Community-Marktplatz Add-Ons Aktivieren" and “Unveröffentlichte Add-Ons”). Neither of those is “snapshot”, am I missing something?
After some further searching I found under “JSON Drittanbieter Add-Ons” a used (default) URL “https://download.smarthomej.org/addons.json”. Changing that one to “https://download.smarthomej.org/addons-snapshot.json” solved my problem!



the binding is there now. But I can’t create a thing?? “No thing types can be added with this binding.”


[Edit:] Remove binding and Instal Binding again resolved that one!

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