Smartmeter Binding. SML Reader goes offline after a certain time


im on OH 3.2. After a certain random time both of my smartmeter readers go offline with “crc error”.
In openhab.log i see no error.

How can i debug this?



There is a fix in the newer versions of 3.3.
See here: OH3.X Alternative Java serial provider - #12 by wborn

You can also try the alternative serial provider, which is very reliable and works with 3.2:

Hi @Tuny !

Thanks for your answer.
So if i understood you right, i have to wait or update to snapshot 3.3?

Install the linked alternative serial provider.
Does the smartmeter binding use this new provider automatically or do i have to reconfigure all my smartmeter items?


The fix is already in the newest Milestone (5) release of OH 3.3.

For the alternative:
No you only have to change the com port of the thing.