Smartmeter Binding

Hi all
I have added the smartmeter binding and it works so far.
Channel 1-0:1.8.0 and 1-0:2.8.0 works, but deliver in Watt
How can I add 1-0:1.8.1 and 1-0:2.8.1 to geht the momentan consumption?

Have somebody an Idea?
Thing and channel was created via UI

BR Uwe

First of all: which version of OH are you using and what kind of smart meter is it?
Assuming OH3.3 and a “SML” smart meter (german: eHZ).

second of all: please make sure, you understand, what a smart meter delivers with OBIS codes:

third of all: please be aware of units of values.

The binding will built the channels after querying the device and what it is capable/configured of sending. So:

  1. 1-0:1.8.0 and 1-0:2.8.0: will correctly deliver the total purchased/fed-in Wh, as it is the meter reading (be careful: Watthours it is then)
    1.8.0 for purchase and 2.8.0 for feed-in
  2. 1-0:1.8.1 and 1-0:2.8.1 won’t get you current consumption, but another meter reading, if you have a two tariff contract. Then suffix .1 will give you the T1 tariff and .2 the T2 tariff, … both purchase and feed-in
  3. 1-0:16.8.0 is what you’re looking for: the current purchase/feed-in of the smart meter

depending on the smart meter, it could also be 1-0:16.7.0, but the binding will create that channel for you. Just have a look into the channel overview of the created thing

Hi Thomas
Ok, I forgot
OH is Version 3.3
Smartmeter is a Norad 3d+ and the protocol mode is SML

But the thing deliver only 1-0:96.50.1, 1-0:96.1.0, 1-0:1.8.0 and 1-0:2.8.0
Smartmeter ist unlocked by PIN, I can see the value on the display.

I wasn’t sure that the binding will offer the channeltype by reading

So in my case the interface give me only this for values

Seems, you only have “basic operating mode” active, which only sends out 1.8.0 and 2.8.0.
You have to unlock “extended operating mode” somehow (page 16f of the german manual: ). I didn’t find instructions on how to unlock “extended”, if you don’t have additional documentation, ask your EVU

Hello Thomas
sorry for my late responce

I have to find out how to enable the “extended” Mode. In the manual I cannot find any hint to enable this.

But will see if I find any information in a searchengine

BR Uwe

or contact your supplier, they should know as they installed the device in the first place. :wink:

At the moment I’m fighting with the problem that the Raspberry crashed after few minutes when the Optokopf is connected via USB

I have to look for another USB cable which is more shielded.
I asume, that there are interferences within the meter cabinet between the power and the USB cable currency

Sorry for my late response
I used the wrong meanwhell. Since I replaced it with the correct one everything works without any problem