Smartmi Air Purifier „unsupported device“ in Xiaomi Mi IO Binding

I tried to integrate my Xiaomi Smartmi Air Purifier into OpenHAB using the Xiaomi Mi IO Binding.
The device has been detected with token and correct model „ zhimi.airpurifier.za1“.
Nevertheless, the device is tagged as unsupported device and all the relevant channels are missing. The experimental channel detection does not discover other channels.
In the list of supported devices ma device is mentioned.

Any idea, what I can do? Any other could integrate Smartmi Air Purifier?


Hi buddy, did it work with Alexa or Google Assistant? If yes then it should work with Mi IO Binging too I feel.

Connie R. Lawson

I found a workaround. I had to create a Thing manually based on another Purifier modelid. Now I can access the important items. But some of them does not work or are missing.

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