Smartthings Binding EOL?

Hello all,

Just a quick message to tell you that I have started to implement a new version of Smartthings binding.

This new binding would be fully cloud-based on the first version (no use of the hub, no Device Handler, no SmartApps).
I will see after the first version If I implement also hub-based version, but I’m not sure we really need it.

This is currently a Work In Progress, but I you want to have a first look, you can find it here:

What is working so far :slight_smile:

  • OAuth authentification to Smartthings site.
  • Basic Cloud bridge handler
  • Basic call to Smartthings API.
  • Very basic device discovery: so far only device name, and start to implement device type/capabilities.

What has to be done :

  • Add device state update from Smartthings Cloud API
  • Add device Update command from Openhab to support controlling the device.

Using the biding would need to register a dummy Smartapp using the smartthings CLI to setup the OAuth authentifications. I have not documented the process so far, will do it in the next few days. Basically, you will have to create the app, register the OAuth redirect URI, and take notes of the OAuth clientId and clientSecret that will need to feed the Openhab binding configurations.

Best regards,


Hello Laurent,

Are you still working on your new version of the Smartthings binding? I am sort of desperate to regain access to Smartthings from OH. I am not a professional computer scientist, just a very basic amateur. Thus, I am not sure I can really help you, but I would be glad to do so if I can.



p.s. Bonjour du Québec!

Hello Pierre,

Yes still working on it.
But try to finish my previous addon before, the one for SiemensHvac.

The current state of Smarthings is still in progress. Last time I work on it 3 weeks ago, I was able to switch off/on light, dimer them, and things like that. This still need a lot of work to handle the full range of devices. I also still need to implements device state reading.

Just to let you know, will not be very usefull to you, but current source are publish on github : GitHub - lo92fr/openhab-addons at smartthingsNG


Thanks Laurent for your contribution. One suggestion, start a new thread to announce your work in progress binding. This is a year old thread and some folks don’t look at old threads. Great work!!! :+1:

Bonjour Laurent,

Merci de votre réponse!

Any progress on this lately? I have a whole kitchen full of smart Samsung-appliance I could help test with if that would be of any help.

Thanks for making an effort!

Hi all,
With the eye on getting solar panels installed I’m listing devices which we can automate.
I came across our washer, which has a smartthings logo on it so I’m anxious to get the binding working.

If needed I can lend my java coding hands :wink:

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