Smartthings Binding EOL?

Hello all, I was just wondering with groovy being deprecated will the Smartthings Binding no longer function? Is it planned to make a new edge driver for it? I tried to search but have not seen any talks about this yet. Thanks.

I didn’t see any mention of Groovy being deprecated. Where did you see that? Is this the language in general or openHAB in specific? Deprecating the rules support for Groovy should have no impact on bindings that may use Groovy. But if the support for Groovy upstream of OH is the problem, eventually any bindings that use it would need to be ported to a different language, preferably Java I would think.

I am not entirely sure how they are integrated together so I am not sure if it will cause any issues but seeing as the cloud side of ide is going away along with SmartApps I would assume it will be effected.

I’m pretty sure the openHAB smartthings binding communicates with the smartthings hub using plain old html(s)
The binding is written in java like every other openHAB binding
Groovy being EOL shouldn’t cause an issue with the binding

But there is a requirement for SmartApps installation for openHAB to communicate. The instructions mention it needs to be completed for the binding to work would this not be affected with the new changes?

oh yes, you are right, it’s been a few years since I messed with it. The openHAB binding does require installation of a smartapp. If the smartapp is written in groovy could be trouble
Sorry, I didn’t follow link, is all smartapps done or just groovy? No idea
@BobRak is author of binding, perhaps he would be able to give more infos

They will deprecate the entire IDE plattform, so everything runs locally in youre smartthings box from next year. Which means all smartapps will stop working which today are running in the cloud. So every vendor has to develop an edge driver instead which can be deployed locally to the smartthings hub. I have quite alot in my smartthings hub (everything z-wave and zigbee) so hope @BobRak can take a look at this.