Smartthings Bindings


I am looking at openHAB’s bindings to link my SmartThings Hub v3 with openHAB 4.1.

Am I wrong or the binding currently available is for the SmartThings Hub v2 only ?
I see indeed that some Groovy addons must be installed on the SmartThings Hub to be able to communicate with openHAB. But Groovy is not supported anymore

Should I conclude that the Binding for SmartThings does not work anymore ?


I’m trying to find the link but yeah, I think OH smartthing binding is broken for that reason. They dropped a script protocol that the binding depended on in the latest version and sunset old version

the github repository where the groovy scripts are hosted haven’t been changed in 3 years
Bob Raker is binding author, hasn’t been active in the forum since 2021