Smartthings / MQTT and OpenHAB integration

Hi all,

I’m unsure where to add the details to the IDE code in step 4 of the usage section ST-MQTT guide

There’s many different places to add those details in the guide. Could someone please post a copy of their My Devices IDE for the MQTT bridge please?

Given none of this is directly related to OH, all I can suggest is you ask the developers of smartthings-mqtt-bridge by filing an issue.

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Unfortunately I did, but they directed me here.

Then either you are not being clear about what you are asking for or you may be stuck. OH has absolutely no affiliation with the SmartThings MQTT bridge. In fact this is the first I’ve every heard of it. I don’t know what you or they expect us to do to explain or improve documentation for a software system that we don’t own, we don’t write, and we know nothing about.

I can point you at documentation for how to set up MQTT in openHAB but we can’t help you with anything to do with what ever a My Devices IDE is. Setting up SmartThings MQTT is beyond the scope of anything we can help you with here.