SmartThings without hub?

I have samsung dryer and oven, I would like to control them from my smart home.
I know there is a binding in github to control SmartThings, but that requires samsung hub. As I already have two gateways + raspberry to control different IoT around the house, I really would not want to put in third gateway just for my dryer.

Did anyone manage to get SmartThings appliances work with openhab without a samsung hub?

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Why wouldn’t you add an extra hub. It would make life easier.

There is a funny way to solve, get an Alexa binding and write commands that call someone to switch and operate the devices. (Joke)

Most smartthings sensors and such run zigbee and work(ed) with a zigbee dongle with out a smartthings hub (haven’t done this in over a year so might not still work) maybe appliances are same???

or Z-Wave,
Both are standards supported by openHAB with the proper radio hardware.

More complexity means more things to “break” especially if they try & force you into their cloud.

well the problem with the ST hub is no internet no workie

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I got one if op wants it

That would only be a good idea if they are in the same Z-Wave world region. Otherwise it would be illegal for them to use the Z-Wave radio,

Where are you located?

Totally agree with this. My Samsung washer and dryer are both WiFi connected devices. So, the only option I’ve been able to find is to install a SmartThings hub, which I don’t want to do for the above-mentioned reason.

For now, we’re getting the alerts through the SmartThings app on our phones, but I’d really like to find a solution that integrates into openHAB without the addition of any more hardware.

I’f I could figure out how the devices talk to the app, I’d write a binding for it. :wink:

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I thought SmartThings was just Zigbee & Z-Wave, OH already has bindings for that. Wi-Fi connection is a different “beast”.

Not sure about the OP’s devices, but the newer models (at least the ones I have) are WiFi-connected. Would be good to know how the OP’s devices connect to better advise on what to do…


I have just purchased a new Samsung ‘Smart’ washing machine. I have tried to get it to connect to their app and it wont find the unit. I can see it is sending out an AP however I dont know the passcode. I am hoping I can connect to this via wifi and link to OH in some way. I too am not a fan of another proprietary hub. I already have 4 in place now in my server cabiinett and like others prefer to be able to keep the communications local instead of via a vendor ‘cloud’. Im already concerned their app wants me to allow the unit to make phone calls and messages, location, adjust my wifi etc. in the security settings and wont let the app load without accepting these.

Did you get it running? Our washing machine is connecting to the Smartthings-app, but couldn’t find a way to get it connected to OH.

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Hi airbone!

Any update on this? Did you manage to access your smartthings devices (in the cloud) through openhab?


You can use NodeRed and node-red-contrib-samsung-automation-studio-nodes I got it in mqtt now.

@ojek - I think I may have found something… Like most things on this forum, you have to kinda do it yourself… I really dislike the reply: “why? Just do it the way we told you”. Anyways… still waiting on my Samsung stuff to test, but take a look…

@mhilbush - does this help?