SMHI Widget

The Weather provider in Sweden SMHI has an widget you can have on your homepage.

When i paste the code it in the template

<div id="wp_589f2be4a25ce"><a id="wp_589f2be4a25ce_city" target="_blank" title="Väder Gävle" href="">Väder Gävle</a><div id="wp_589f2be4a25ce_wc"></div><div><a id="wp_589f2be4a25ce_wl" href="" title="WeatherPal" target="_blank"><img src="//" id="wp_589f2be4a25ce_wli" alt="Weatherpal" /></a><a id="wp_589f2be4a25ce_fl" target="_blank" title="Detaljerad prognos Gävle" href="">Detaljerad prognos<br />Gävle</a></div></div><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

I get the result:

What do i have to add in the template?


This cannot be included in a template (scripts can’t be loaded). Following the link it happens to apply CSS classes to elements, which supposedly makes it look like your screenshot.

But looking at the script itself, you could utilize Frame widget with the following url: