SMS from OH to ATT & Verizon

There have been several threads here about wanting to send an SMS message to phones. Most revolve around getting some kind of USB > GSM hub. That is far more complex than I want. So…

If you want to send a message to your phone, email it.

I have not checked out other carriers. I have verified ATT since that is what I have.

What about Smsmodem : Binding for SMS on a GSM serial modem?

That’s my whole point. I don’t want cellular ($$).

However… it would be great backup for internet!

Such a service may be limited in number of messages to be sent per day.

This is true. To help avoid robot spam. Wonder if I can set myself to trusted…

My only issue with GSM is - I have to pay for cellular for it. AFAIK, I can’t “tie” a dongle to my existing phone cell service / number.

The Google Fi address is

There is no published limit to the number or rate of messages (I’m certain there are some). Each individual text must have less than 8 MB but can contain media files.

Way back when I used the Verizon email and it worked well. But I’d rather use for now and may move to Nextcloud Talk if I need more than that.

Some poor guy with the phone number 1234567890 is now getting hit with a ton of test message. LOL! :smiley: :rofl:

(It’s a joke)

Life hack: in the US if you are at a gas station and it asks for a loyalty number, use <your area code>-867-5309. Jenny accumulates lots of reward points. :smiley:


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