Snapshot Binding Upgrade

So a question about upgrading bindings…

When I need to upgrade a binding, say Zwave as the database has been upgraded to include my new device I want to figure out the best way.

I know I can go to cloudbees and download the latest build and drop into my addons folder - but I’m curious to know can I just uninstall through PaperUI and then reinstall - will it grab the latest build? I have tried this but when I check the list of bundles in Karaf after removing and installing the version number stays the same.

Would it not be possible to have an upgrade button on the PaperUI bindings tab that could light up when a new version is available? It would also be great if the version listed on that page to list the full version rather than 2.2 SNAPSHOT.

While I realize I can download and drop into the addon folder, I lose the identification of what’s installed through PaperUI.

I’m on a Windows server.

Your thoughts and suggestions are always appreciated.

If you are on a snapshot version: yes. You need to enable “Access Remote Repository” in your System settings.
If you are on a stable version: no.

It does, right on your openHAB start page (at the bottom):


What do you mean by “identification”?

Couple of items of clarification as I think we are getting our wires crossed a little bit :slight_smile:

I do have “Access Remote Repository” turned on and when I uninstall and reinstall a binding the version number of the bundle does NOT change in Karaf. How long does it take that once a new version is available in Jenkins for it to be accessible via an uninstall/install in PaperUI.

I attempted to upgrade the SONOS binding as a new ESH build had been incorporated into OH and the version number displayed in KARAF remained the same after uninstalling and reinstalling.

I am referring to the version number of the binding, not OH. I would like to be able and see what the version number is so I can confirm that the binding did indeed upgrade. If I look in PaperUI in Addons>BINDINGS I only see the 2.2 SNAPSHOT portion of the verion

I’d like to see the entire version number so that when I uninstall and reinstall I can see the version number change.

If I manually add a binding to the ADDONS folder I no longer have a visual reference in PaperUI (ADDONS/BINDINGS) showing that binding is installed.

Thanks for all of your time…


I think (but may be wrong) you cannot upgrade a binding by uninstalling and reinstalling which is part of ESH (like the sonos).
I’m pretty sure you need to upgrade to the latest snapshot runtime to have the new binding version. There were some posts about upgrading the astro binding (which is also part of ESH), and the outcome was to tweak the system to get a new binding version.

For all others of your recommendations:
Please have in mind that your are using a snapshot version which main purpose is to help the developers to find bugs so the next stable release is safe to use.
A normal user, using a stable version, does not care about version numbers, because without tweaking the system he will not be able to upgrade any bindings.

But feel free to submit any feature requests on github …:grinning:

Have fun :+1:

That is a good point and that is good to know.
If what your request was possible, this will lead to incompatible bindings with your current OH/ESH installed distribution due to change in the core framework for example.