Snapshot on Windows not usable because of missing sitemaps


the OH2 snapshots (all tested since Build 803) have a severe bug on WIndows platform which makes the use of sitemaps impossible. Without acces to sitemaps you can neither use Habdroid, nor Basic UI nor Classic UI so OH2 becomes completely useless.
Although I posted this already 2 weeks ago here no one replied.

In Detail:
I download the Snapshot package from Cloudbees, extract the files in a folder and start OH2. In the intial UI-based dialog I choose expert as installation option. I then place my sitemap file in the conf\sitemaps directory. When I try to call the sitemap in Basic UI or Calssic UI I get the error that the sitemap cannot be found. (javax.servlet.ServletException: Sitemap ‘haus’ could not be found). I also does not show up in the sitemaps list in Habmin.

Compared to that the 2.0 Release Build: Doing exactly the same steps the sitemap is shown in Habmin and I can call it in Basic UI or Calssic UI.

I am talking about 2 fresh installs right after download. So there MUST BE A BUG in the snapshots. Can please anybody help or give me a clue?
I really need to update to Snapshot because of zwave binding but without sitemap the system is absolutely useless :frowning:

Ok, in the end I puzzled it up by myself. The OH Snapshot seems to have other/stricter syntax checks on sitemap files which prevented my sitemaps from appearing. The cause of the problem was this line

Slider item=RP_TREP_RF label="Jalousie Treppe [%d %%]" icon = "rollershutter" 

The only wrong thing about it seems to be the two spaces between icon and “rollershutter”. It now works with the modified line

Slider item=RP_TREP_RF label="Jalousie Treppe [%d %%]" icon="rollershutter" 

The old line works perfectly in OH2 Release Version 2.0.0. There is no helpful hint in the logs, as so often with OH… It is really a pity that the huge potential of this Open Source project is again and again hindered by such kind of stupid problems which cost hours/days of time to resolve just to get back basic functions to work… :frowning: