Snips on Android Tablet for Openhab?

Dear Fellows,

I am very much a new user of Openhab and so far I have learned a lot from this great community to build my first smart home scenerio. I am not a developer or a code writer, all the setup I have done is after learning and reading tutorials from here. I have a question though, if anybody has tried or trying to integrate snips on android tablet for openhab 2.4 setup. There is one available for Hass (, wondering if any of you great brains are pursuing something like this for openahb ?
Regards :slight_smile:

If somebody provides a bounty, perhaps that can encourage somebody to develop it for OpenHAB.

I really doubt anybody will develop it for the 11 month old 2.4 version, especially when 2.5 is scheduled to be released on December 15. The Milestone testing versions of OpenHAB are much more stable than the released versions of Home Assistant.

Afaik snips communicates via two or three mqtt topics, so embed these topics with mqtt binding and do something if such an event happens.

Should be similar to that:

Thanks guys, perhaps my question was not right, or complete.
I have an old tablet running habpanel mounted in hallway, doing perfect job.
Came across this article recently :
it’s a nice tutorial to install snips on rpi and have cloudless voice assistance added to your setup ! nice concept So, thought to install snips on android tablet (which they say is possible) running habpanel sittting in middle of house so can pick up voice commands… I suppose many of openhabians would perhaps like this setup too ?

I am working on a Snips binding. I will publish a first version soon.