Snmp binding - community is send quoted


the snmp binding seems to send the community quoted to snmp device. I assume the binding would work for more snmp devices if this is not the case.
when i send the following linux command - it works:
snmpset -v 1 -c private . i 1

with tcpdump is see this packet is send:

22:19:51.675237 IP > C=private SetRequest(35) E:42505.

when i use the binding to send a command - it does not work. this is the tcpdump of the openhab command:
22:27:25.807785 IP > C="private" SetRequest(35) E:42505.

only difference are the quotes between the communicty name. Maybe the majority of the snmp devices would ignore the quotes - My denkovi box does not. When i try to configure on the box community with quotes - it does not accept it.
I use currently the exec binding with snmpset commands as workaround. I just migrated from version 1.6 to current 4.0.3 in the hope that snmp binding would work now :slight_smile: