SNMP Binding: GET & <update> Documentation Not Clear to Me


I refer to this article in the documentation:

SNMP Binding:

This section of the article deals with how to configure the items.

The section describing GET has an example as follows:


Then the article follows the examples with the following:


    <address> is the IP address[/Port] of the SNMP device. The Port is optional, the default value is 161
    <community> is the SNMP community string
    <oid> is the object ID to GET or SET
    <value> is the number to SET. This can only be an integer value.

My problem is that nowhere can I find what the <update> switch on the SNMP GET example, means or does or what values it should be configured with.

So, please could somebody explain it to me, and secondly, please could the documentation be clarified?

Many thanks,


also what is the default, if <update> is not set.