SNMP binding not getting some of the values after upgrade to 2.2

Dear, I have a config that was perfectly fine on the 2.1 for a year
Today I moved to the 2.2 on clean install (VM not RPI anymore) and I noticed that I only get half of the SNMP values.

Number B_Power_AC_Load 					"AC Power Load [%.0f W]"  <energy> (PowerChart) { snmp="<[]" }
Number B_Power_PV_Sum					"PV Sum [%.0f W]"   <solarplant>  (PowerChart)
Number B_Power_PV_String1 			    "PV Power1 [%.0f W]"  <solarplant> (PowerChart2) { snmp="<[]" }
Number B_Power_PV_String2 			    "PV Power2 [%.0f W]"  <solarplant>  (PowerChart2) { snmp="<[]" }
Number B_Power_Battery_Current_Discharge "Battery Current Discharge [%.0f A]"  <energy>  { snmp="<[]" }
Number B_Power_Battery_Current_Charge    "Battery Current Charge [%.0f A]"    <energy>    { snmp="<[]" }
Number B_Power_Battery_Voltage 			 "Battery Voltage raw [%.0f V]"  <energy>  { snmp="<[]" }
Number B_Power_Grid_P1_Voltage_raw 		 "Grid P1 Voltage raw [%.0f V]"  <energy>  { snmp="<[]" }
Number B_Power_Grid_P2_Voltage_raw 		 "Grid P2 Voltage raw [%.0f V]"  <energy>  { snmp="<[]" }
Number B_Power_Grid_P3_Voltage_raw		 "Grid P2 Voltage raw [%.0f V]"  <energy>  { snmp="<[]" }

And It is quite random what I do not get after restart, I played with the pooling periods and that somehow affects what I do get or not. If all the GRID voltages are on 10000 I only get first not the other 2 phases. with 100ms delay I get all of them. But for some reason I cant get battery dischaarge no matter what I do.

Of course with the mib browser everithing works fine, and is supper responsive, and I can hammer inverter for data 3 times per sec.

What was changed in the 2.2 in the snmp?

How do I get to the binding log to see what does it do? or Log4j2 Sample Config

This will be your first step to put the binding into debug level logging. Then capture some logs and post here and hope that someone who knows this binding can help. Sadly I don’t.