SNMP v1 plugin on 2.5 M1-1

I am testing stuff out with the v1 SNMP binding on my openhab install (2.5 M1-1)

The article states that version 1 is deprecated . How can I obtain the new snmp binding without updating? I searched for a seperate install but was unable to find it.

I’m not sure if the new version 2 binding works with 2.5M1 core, but if you want to try it you need to uninstall the version 1 binding, download the 2.5 snapshot version and drop the jar file into your /addons folder:

Since you are already running a testing version any reason to not upgrade to M3?

Ok, ik will try that tonight. I am not a heavy user, just some zwave, a bit of snmp monitoring and thats it for now. Is it safe to update to the latest snapshot or is a lot not working as intended?

For Z-Wave, there are no issues with the later bindings. I am currently running 2.5M2 and have not yet updated to 2.5M3 due to time constraints.
The Z-Wave developer strongly recommends 2.5 version binding. You should delete & re-discover your Things but they keep the same IDs so your scripts do not break.
I have not used SNMP monitoring with OH.

What are you after with SNMP, I ran into some issues and have a long thread with the developer on things I came across that didn’t work as expected like they do in the 1.x binding?

For reference on the 2.x binding issues I came across - SNMP 2.x issue


I updated my openhab to M2.5 2-1 yesterday and most is working as expected. I had to open a couple of items files and save them to see the devices in openhab but apart from that most works. I still have trouble with some rules not firing but did not have the time to look into that yet.

Im using snmp with telegraf and grafana for my edgerouter and my NAS. I do not like the fact that I can not style the shared grafana dashboard, it has an annoying background color that messes up my habpanel.

So now I am testing with the snmp v2 plugin in openhab to get datatraffic from my router, temperatures from my synology etc. and log them in influxdb so I can use the built in graphs in Habpanel. All values are read just fine except my synology free space but that is because the wrong OID is in the documentation.